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Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them, but you know they are always there. Precious and rare. "A friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself." - Jim Morrison

I was actually about to post the actual post but I had to delete an error and my computer thought that meant go back and by go back I mean go back to the next flipping page so that made me loose like 2 paragraphs of my post. It consisted of my day and I had a really awesome day and wanted to cherish that since it's been a while since I had a good, good day -_- SIGH. Is there a way to disable that go back page function for the backspace button like seriously it's so useless to me, I need to disable it or something or else I will grieve fixing an error in any post. >_<

SIGHH. Oh well, I guess I'll just post the main part that started my good day.. even though I have an anime I want to watch ;_; LOL so much complaining in one post, omg. Okay anyways.

Today has treated me fairly well. In history class, "him" and I secretly shared ear buds in class together listening to music on his phone. One in his right ear, one in my left ear. He offered the ear buds to me, and he played music I would never normally listen to. But, even so, I liked it. I liked the music, the lyrics, the beats and most of all... I liked how he looked at me whenever I was drifting off into music land. My eyes not aiming anywhere else but my fingers, my pencil and my notebook paper yet able to see out of the corner of my eyes that he was looking at me and smiling. Smiling or grinning whichever one but the blurry, vague outline of his eyes and mouth formed a smile, nonetheless. It seems to be that he noticed that I like the music, and it made him happy. It made me happy too. I felt my ears turn red every time he looked at me. Even if he was only 12 inches away or an inch away from my face, his eyes were penetrating. We listened to music the whole class and every time the teacher would walk by he would inch closer to me attempting to hide the ear bud cords. At one point he moved his face close to mines, asking me if I liked the songs he's showing me and when I smiled and said yes, he had the biggest smile ever. Surely it wasn't anything extraordinary and honestly, words can't justify my moment with him today, but it was my first time being able to enjoy the little things with him. I felt... euphoric afterwards, he didn't even leave class until I left after I put my books up, so me and him were the last ones to leave. I also like to wonder if the lyrics were supposed to be an indirect message LOLLL I can dream though can't I! The songs he showed me we're about love and whatnot, lmfao if onllllllly. My next class was good too!

I went home and enjoyed some fried rice and some jackfruit x Lychee in my favorite cup. The lenses were yesterdays picture lol, I don't regret buying the travel case. I hope you guys had/have a great day!

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