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Cranberry Juice
 Waiting for the weekend again
 Cranberry Juice
 Earl and Fairy
 Approaching Night time

What a day! It was a bummer not being able to talk to him in class today, though. He usually sits beside me but he came in late and his seat was taken so he had to sit like 2 seats back and all we did in class were notes. The silence was displeasing. I wanted to talk to him, I wanted to turn my head back smile or wave at him but I sat there petrified. What was a girl like me going to say to a guy like him? He always started the conversations... I just get so nervous around him I don't know how to start one. I just go with the flow with him, blaahh. I wish I was comfortable around people I like. I never really described how he looks to you guys have I? Well let's just say his face was sculpted by the Gods. Later in the day I had to a lab with Cody and John and wow of course Cody would laugh at me lmfao like what's so funny LOL. I wanna laugh too, Amber and I laughed so much today though lmao

Because Ferrero Rocher completes my life and is totally relevant to the post................... I finished watching "Earl and Fairy" today, it's not a bad anime, it's interesting. I REALLLY like how they drew the characters, especially Raven and Edgar. Wow, can I just meet an actual guy that looks like Edgar in the anime, clothes and all? LOL like nothings more attractive than guys who dress nice + chivalry. I also changed my layout a bit and added some new links under "labels" c: Well that's that for this post. Have a lovely day you guys!

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