February Rush

Valentines day is only in 4 days! I wouldn't say I'm excited for that, but just for fun I made a little valentines day fashion collage or whatever you want to call it! What are you currently lusting for?

If you guys didn't know, my favorite color is actually red, I probably mentioned it or made it somewhat obvious before but I don't know haha. My day today was pretty good as well! So, he doesn't hate me after all, we talked like we usually talk today - which makes me glad (: We were joking around and said we wanted a divorce and stuff LOL today was a pretty fun day with him. My friend, Jackie, did the heart hand sign and LOL... I just wish words could justify how funny and awesome today was.

I also received my first circle lenses today, wow the bottle they were in are much smaller than I expected! Lmao, I'm kind of scared of trying them on. They're Neo Dali Brown and like I said, they're my first circle lenses! I'm scared of not being able to take them out of my eye or blinding myself somehow LOL. I'll try them on this weekend and whatnot. I also got my yesstyle clothes today, (post about them tomorrow too). I went to buy some solution earlier today and some Ferrero Rocher, yummy. Well that's that for this post, I really don't have much to say haha. Hope you guys had a nice day!


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