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"The happiest people don't have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything." - Unknown. Never let anyone disturb your composure, deter your accomplishment, or destroy your happiness. 

I've had such an influx in followers for the past few days and I just want to say thanks and wow, where did you guys come from? LOL. Nonetheless thank you! I plan on hosting a giveaway soon thanks to you guys, and hopefully I can host one! On another note, I've been thinking about having a penpal, I'm not even sure why I want one since I can't even keep up with my text messages or facebook messages on time haha. I reply so late it's ridiculous. I'm excited that Spring Break is so close and I'm excited that summer is just a few months away! I have to say this school year has been one of the fastest, the transition from 2011 to 2012  has been one of my best even though I had to go through one of the worst bumps one could ever encounter on New Years but I managed.

I'm happy, I guess. I'm not sad. I'm content. The bump that I experienced during Christmas Break - beginning of 2012 doesn't bother me anymore, it doesn't have that saddening effect in my life anymore or at least it's not at all effective anymore. I don't feel held down anymore, like the burden was lifted off my shoulders. I'm aware I'll go through more downs but right now at this very moment, I'm happy. The weather is beautiful; sunny skies, perfect 72 - 80 degrees weather and white clouds with blue skies, I'm wearing one of my favorite cardigans paired with my favorite tank top and faded jeans. I can't say I'm excited for tomorrow since I have to deal with school but you know, I think I can manage 4 classes... all the way until Friday. There's going to be so many tests running through next week though, sigh. But then, hey that means a few more days till Spring Break! Much needed (: Going to work, play, eat, sleep, enjoy the weather, party or something haha. Oh and I was messing around with my Whipple a few days ago and here are the results:

I kind of really want to eat them but that would be bad haha. After this post, I'll be eating some che and settle down and watch a movie or something. The only thing that can make this day better is if my friends were here or if I had sushi, *_*. I kind of want to go swimming too but that's probably asking for too much. Haha, hope you guys have a lovely day!

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