Fantastic Baby

Your voice. Like rain: it pours and it resonates in my heart. No matter what you say, if it's stupid, if it's dumb. If it's funny. If it's sad. If it's serious. I'll listen. You have my undivided attention -- no one else exists. The smile that follows the sound of my name, that comes out of your mouth and makes my heart flutter. How is it you can make such a simple gesture, and make me feel like I'm soaring? I could get lost in a voice like yours ♥

03082012. After careful examination of what BB cream to use, I've narrowed it down to FairyDrops BB Cream and Holika Holika. I'm really considering the Fairydrops one but it is so expensive, /: but it pretty much fits what I desire in a BB cream! I'm considering on buying both LOL. Holika has SPF 15 in it, so I'm thinking about using this one if I were to go out in the sun for a while and the Fairydrops one for just basic use. Blaah so expensive though, and I plan on buying some Candy Doll and Missha products as well. Lol, shopper problems. Despite my shopping dilemma, I had a pretty good day! Haha my friend decided to draw/"tattoo" my whole right hand. I have pictures on my twitter, sadly you can't see his face just his sweater, hand and watch.

Today the weather took a very serious turn from warm to extremely windy and chilly. Looks like a storm is coming in, time to go back to warm sweaters. I'm bringing up this photo because, dang, I'd really kill for one of these babies right now! Nostalgia. Currently, I'm kind of excited for Spring Break that's literally just around the corner. One of my best friends birthday is during SB and remember the cute plush I bought? I can't wait to wrap it up in a cute bag and give it to her along with a card! I love putting efforts into gifts, because even the smallest gift that carries a whole bunch of love and effort in it can really express how much you care about that individual. Also, for those anticipating on the review for my "surprise" lenses, I'll be doing that this week! Feel free to follow my twitter or like my facebook for faster updates! See you guys later c:


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