Hold us down like Anchors

Hey you guys! I had a pretty awesome day, exceptionally enjoyed work today although I was let out late so my "Date" (guy from my previous post) had to wait for an hour. I felt bad, I had to run out of the car and into the mall haha. He was lost and couldn't find where I was but he was like 10 feet away from me. Surprisingly, he bought me a GIGANTIC Chococat plush.... it was so huge that everyone would stare at me when I had to walk around with it in my arms. I was astonished, like he waited for me for an hour and bought me a plush that is as big as my body? I didn't even expect any of that, I thought he'd be mad for making him wait for so long and I didn't expect him buying me a plush, I was actually preferring food LOL. I felt bad like what if he asked me out, I don't like him that way but it would be extremely rude for me to reject him after what he has already done. I treated him to some sushi afterwards though, because I felt bad not buying him anything and he didn't even want anything so I was like okay, let's go grab sushi.

The rest of the day was pretty nice, although right now I wish he'd stop blowing up my phone >_< I mean, like I said in my previous post, I felt bad so I gave him a chance and turns out, I really just can't see him anything else other than a friend. How do I politely tell him to stop texting me every hour though LOL mouu. Besides that, my best friend from my childhood aka tic Thac can now drive alone yay! Took him long enough LOL. Jkjk. Haha, I'm finally able to enjoy the rest of the week though, hopefully. 

Have a wonderful day!


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