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 Aloe Vera Drink
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The sky was so beautiful today, as well as the weather. The weather was perfect! My mom bought me some hello kitty slippers too haha, awh. I bought some snacks (green tea mochi, pocky and aloe vera drink) for myself with my Aunt even though she offered to pay, I refused and paid for them myself LOL. I found out she bought me this vietnamese dish that I've been craving for a while, awh (':

Today was a pretty good day! After weeks and weeks of not spending any money on clothes in attempt to tame my shopaholic habits, I decided to reward myself by giving myself a freebie: Going to the mall and buy some clothes! Haha, I mean it is spring break.... time to revamp my closet a little with new clothes to wear! ^_^ I didn't buy much however, I bought a ladies dress shirt in navy and white shorts with a belt.... sadly both equaling a total of $60 dollars. I guess you can't really tame a spender lmaoo. I stopped by my favorite cafe and bought an Irish Truffle, yum yum! I went by my favorite store and bought my shorts and top, roamed the mall for a bit and stopped the Sanrio Store and bought myself lemon candy. After I finished my little shopping spree today, I left the mall, went home and did my nails with some cute little decorations my aunt gave me.

I really like the shorts and top. Whenever I go shopping, I like looking for outfits haha. Ahh so lately, one of my guy friends has been hitting me up on my phone like crazy. I'm easily uncomfortable towards guys who I can only see as a friend, hit on me and try to flit with me. So... whenever he tries to I kind of give him sarcastic comments like "lmao, smooth." and such, you know? Or I avoid it and not reply back. Today after a small conversation, he got extremely mad when he said he probably can't hang out with me because of his interviews tomorrow and such interfering, and I'm only 100% free to hang out with him tomorrow. I felt bad, like wow, he really wanted to hang out with me that much and all I've been doing to him was turn him down and be mean to him? I thought, maybe I should give him a chance by hanging out with him. Ahh. Oh and I changed my layout a little bit, hopefully it's a little more organized now. I'm very close to the amount of money I need for my new camera too, ^_^ as long as I balance out my shopping.... haha.

Also, don't forget to add an hour to your clocks and everything if you haven't already! Hope you guys had/have a good day!

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