Weekend in Photos ♥

Basically what you see is what you get. This weekend has been one heck of a chill weekend and I love that. On Saturday I went to deposit some money into my bank account, yay. I also went shopping for a little bit with my mom and bought a smoothie, didn't buy anything else. *Me and my attempt to tame my impulsive shopping habits with clothes and stuff I don't really need*. Ate some Banh Mi Baguette, best thing EVER, I can live off Banh Mi Baguettes for my entire life, I swear! Work has been busy too ^_^ Today I had my lovely day off, my packets of new lenses and my first ever dollywink lashes came in, I'm so happy! I can't wait to try all of them on this week. I cleaned my lenses out by drowning them in solution this time >_<" I don't know why it's so hard for me to clean lenses properly, I over do it mainly because I'm scared it might cause infections if I don't clean them excessively... but cleaning them excessively might just cause what I don't want (´Д`。) But I'll go into detail with my new lovelies in another post, so stay tuned! 。^‿^。

I went out to get some starbucks, best choice I made. I also bought a tiny red velvet macaroon from there, yuuummm. Devoured it within seconds. I also did my nails with a new polish (on Saturday), ahhh I have to say I really like it. But the nail polish on my right thumb chipped trying to open my new lenses, oh welllls, even though I only had the polish on for a day and a half lol. I can't wait until Saturday! Apparently we're going to be hosting a party on Saturday where I work. Pretty excited, hopefully all goes well c: Also, Saturday would be the start of my Spring Break here YAAAY. And then only a few more months until summer. This year is going by extremely fast, I don't know if I should be happy or sad about that. I really like doing things at my own pace and it feels like the world is just moving at top speed. Also follow me on on Instagram! I took all the photos above with instagram ( @cupsoflatte ) (◕‿◕✿) How was your day? c:

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