What I don't understand

Hello guys! Good morning/Good afternoon, I hope your day has been good so far. World and school has been attacking me rigorously. One day I'm studying for tests next week and next thing I know I'm given 2 projects to finish the next week. I don't understand why they all have to be done next week!?! LOL. Last week was filled with tests and such as well. The only thing I'm really looking forward to the coming week is probably the party on Thursday for Easter and the lovely 4 day break.  

 The photos I took during last week^ Follow me on instagram on twitter! c: (sidebar) For some reason I can't properly digest salads well, unless it has meat in it. Blah after eating not even half of the salad above my stomach started feeling queasy... maybe it was the ranch dressing. I bought some new snacks too and unfortunately I forgot to upload them onto my laptop, so I'll probably share them in my next post.

Here is one of the many pages of the new book I bought (in one of my previous post) Like I said, I'd be sharing some with you guys and here is the first one (besides the one in the other post c:) Keep smiling lovelies, you're too beautiful to frown. That concludes this post about my day but I also want to inform you guys on my little promotional offer! It's limited till the end of April and its for everyone. Please click here if you're interested, ^_^. Have a lovely day!

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