Dilemma, dilemma

My Easter this year has got to be one of the best! After Hanging out with some of my best and closest friends from my hometown (Evy, Thac and Michael) on Saturday, Thac decided to invite us to go on this small roadtrip. Sadly, Evy was unable to go. The roatrip was only an hour long, I wouldn't even call it a roadtrip but whatever LOL. We also went to visit one of our friends in his dorm but that fool wasn't there  so whatever to him too hehehe.  We went to an outlet mall after wards and well due to Easter, half the shops were closed. I Honestly had no idea some stores were closed on Easter lol. We headed back to town and hung out at Thacs place, we also went to a nice station (lol this will like the 5th time I went to this gas station during Sat and Sunday)( ̄ー ̄)

Thac decided to photo bomb but that's cool. My shirt is one of those off shoulder tops, and the under shirt I was wearing was a hlater top so some people assumed I was going swimming lol I assure you I was not. I bought the shirt from yesstyle, it was the only shirt I bought from yesstyle that I wasn't really disappointed with! After like a few hours and when it was approaching our movie time, we went to the theaters and bought some Hunger game tickets!

I've already read the series, and I own Mockingjay. I kind of enjoyed the Hunger Game movie, but I thought it was kind of short. Maybe because I've read the book haha. Personally, I wish there was more gore as there was in the book LOL. The hunger games reminded me of Battle Royale, and incase you guys have not read or watched it (which I highly suggest you to not do if you can't handle gore... and as for the manga, don't read it if you can't handle gore and NSFW content. However really good story lol) I wasn't at all disappointed with the HG movie though, of course minus it being short even though it was 2 hours long LOL. It was really good!

I also recently dyed part of my hair pink, in case you haven't seen it, please do check my twitter! I have a few pics posted up of my hair. I'm currently not so happy with my hair but at the moment I can only hope it'll fade and then I'll redo the process again... or do it this weekend. Although it may be damaging to my hair since it involves bleaching more than 3 times .... blah. Oh well, time to spend major money on deep conditioning and hair care I guess lol. *too reckless and careless* ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

Last but not least, I have recently received my sponsored lenses from lensvillage.com! I will review them soon this week! And maybe some other stuff if I have the time but until then stick around!    Have a lovely day you guys.  ( ^ᆺ^ )


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