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My outfit c:
 I want to sleeep
 I wish I had a BigMac right now
 Imogen Heap - Hide & Seek (Remix)
 Grey skies! >:

Image heavy post with lots of food in the end. A few weeks ago I ordered some stuff and they finally came in on Saturday or something but I opened them on Sunday. I got new dollywinks, nail stickers and some new stuff for my phone. I also went to Wal Mart on Sunday and bought some 2 new bottles of solution and 3 new contact cases! And nail polish!! FINALLY decided to try Essie out today since it's quite popular now. I've always used OPI! I haven't tried Essie yet but hopefully I can later in the future. I bought some Sally Hansen nail polish in "Dune" and the color doesn't come out as it is in the bottle.. I mean it will if you put a lot on but who has time to do that LOL 2 coats it already at the limit, because after that it'll take forever to dry even after waiting for 10-30 minutes, the coats aren't fully dried yet. Anyways, ahhh I don't really like the Sally one lol, I'll tell you why in a sec! ◕ ◡ ◕

I love the simplicity of Essie's bottle, it's cute and cleaan! The color I got was "Spaghetti Straps", the shelf was half way gone too so I was limited to colors ): The reason why I didn't like the Sally Hansen polish I bought was because it left bubbles which doesn't look pleasing at all on nails. I was pretty disappointed in that, considering the polish itself was like 7 dollars -o- Although, I do like the brush and how easily the polish glides on.

Yay for solution and contact cases! Got to keep my eyes and lenses as clean as possible. Time for the fooooood haul that I bought last week and never had time to upload it. 

My unhealthy obsession, that I have the capability of devouring all of it within 2 days. (If I was allowed to).

This one is called たけのこの里 "焼き栗",  it's a Japanese cookie that contains cashew nut, chocolate and a hint of soybean. It tastes like coffee and has a lovely smell, I really like how the box opens too hehehe.

This one is called さくさくぱんだ, Also made by Kabaya, It's so cute and theres only like 6 pieces in one box and each box costs a little over $2.50, kind of cutting it close to $3.
My 2 days, so far has been good too. Haha today, my friends Brian, Henry and I watched anime in the library when we were supposed to be working on our project... we also talked about all these random things lmao distracted way too easily haha -kun LOL. Only 2 more days until Easter, uwah so excited. On Thursday I'll be attending an Easter party hehehe I'm in charge of the cupcakes ヽ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ And lately, I find myself studying faces more than usual. Is that weird? I know it sounds really strange, but I can't help it. .-.
Oh and to android users: instagram is now for androids! Follow me on Instagram! (@cupsoflatte) I have a welcome message for you guys as well ^_^ Hope all is well, my lovely readers<3

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