Happy Easter!

(ハッピーいースタート!) First off, I'd like to say I hope you guys have a wonderful Easter! This is a half post, where I typed this last night and continued the post this morning. I also want to update about my hair, as I said in my previous post I planned on dying it. I forgot if I mentioned what color I was going to dye it to but if not, I was going to dye it a light brown. Unfortunately, my dark hair wasn't able to turn the least bit brown after 2 rounds of hair dying. Which is a complete bummer and was really disappointing.. instead my hair turned a lighter shade of brown (actually.. barely any difference ) and has a hint of red/cinnamon color. Not what I was aiming for. Although I hate resorting to bleach and spending a numerous amount of money on something I can do at home, I might have to do it since nothing else is working. I can only hope my hair will stay strong, I know it's such a waste to go through all this and sacrifice my never before bleached hair, just to achieve a light brown but I mean, I might as well do it now since tomorrow is never always guaranteed, right? I guess. Welppps, after that I have to bleach parts of my hair again to add the other color I want which I'm sure some of you guys already know through my instagram and twitter hehehe.

I spent my whole Saturday with my closest childhood friends: Evy, thac and Michael. Took lots of pictures and spent most of our time outside. Pretty sure I've gotten a shade darker lol, it was also fun going to the gas station and buying random food and chilling afterwards. I also can't eat an icecream to save my life LOL. Picture son my instagram! I helped Thacs mom dye her hair as well, too bad after washing my hands 3 times... it still reeks of latex.    I've been inhaling hair dye fumes for the past few days too ommmg.

Sunday: (Today)
Thac, Michael and I are going to go on a small road trip (1 hour drive) and shop at a huge outlet mall later. Probably going to be out and about for 5+ Hours so whoo!  I'm going to wear my sun hat for the heck of it. I'll update tomorrow with pictures (I hope) Until then, have a wonderful day! 


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