Human Bonds are Unstable

"They are not worth putting your trust into".

Anyways, despite such a depressing way to start a post on a not so depressing day, I went on a mall haul! I bought 2 bottle of hair dye and a bleaching kit.... $42 USD. I bought a cute floral, ruffly tude dress and a tan, peachy cardigan to go with it..... $32 USD and lastly, I bought a sun hat which was a lovely $13 and tried a new drink from my favorite coffee shop (White Raspberry Mocha). I'm officially, in love with it, definitely going to buy more next time (*´・v・)

The sun hat is ruffly/wavy looking when not flat on the ground hehe. It's so cute! Definitely bringing it every time I go swimming or something. If you're wondering what hair dye color and what the new drink I tried looked like, visit my instagram(cupsoflatte) or twitter! There are some photos I post on twitter/instagram that I don't post on here. So gogo!  Also, it's my new twitter :3 Thank you any of my past followers for re-following, you guys are awesome  I also changed my tumblr username to lethalkitsune, haven't had the time to go back to my template to change it so here it is! Haha. I'm kind of excited for tomorrow, I hope everything goes as planned or I'd be sad. How has your day/morning been going so far? I hope it's been good! Have a lovely Easter as well ^_^ 

Also, I'll be trying to post more now and include photos and more health/beauty/food related stuff, I don't guarantee posting everyday but I'll definitely try posting more! I hate feeling like I'm abandoning my blog. Until next time 


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