Saturday in a nutshell

Saturday was a crazy day for me, I spent my entire day with Michael and Thac going to multiple stores, spending our money on food, clothes, sunscreen and more food. Due to being out the whole day on Saturday, I now have a weird tanline hahaha 

I found out after I got home that I only used my phone to record all of the pictures!! The only picture I recorded on my camera was at Panda Express but even so the only got one was when we finished the food LOL 

Anyways, Thac came around 12:30 PM, I was ready by then and then Michael came around 1:15 PM. We left my place shortly after Michael arrived and began our journey there. We went to the nearest gas station and chilled there for a bit and ate some food we bought there. I think it's a new routine for us: every time we hang out, we have to stop by a gas station, buy food there and chill there for 10 minutes. After that, we went to JCPenny and I bought 2 new clothes and some Sephora (Urban Decay) makeup. I love Urban Decay, their products are the utmost highest quality 

Pastel Pink shorts and a crochet off shoulder shirt + Urban Decay De Slick and Urban Decay Glide on Pencil Liner in "Yeyo". After I finished shopping (lol they didn't buy anything...... ;_;) we went into PetCo to check out animals!! I have a rat sleeping in my instagram photos haha. We went to HEB afterwards and I bought some sunscreen for all of us. Michael and I bought more food (2 bottles of tea, a box of jasmine tea for myself, some other snacks and Thac bought a gift bag) and wow it took us 15 minutes to check out our items because we were having some technical difficulties. LOL omg we looked like total idiots. After an awkward wait and stuff we went to Panda Express and shared a plate. LOOL when the lady was about to pull out another plate for one of the guys, we all said we're sharing a plate. She goes "one plate.. for everyone?" She thought she misinterpret what we said. Ohh she didn't haha we clarified again and her face was priceless.  None of us were really hungry so we thought we might as well share a plate plus it saves money for other things we were gonna do haha. We got fried rice, orange chicken and Thac ordered something I have no idea what it was. I bought a bottle of green tea and yaay:

I told everyone to open our fortune cookies at the same time and we all got happy fortunes haha. LOL Thac fortune, see it on my instagram! 

We went to Toys R Us afterward so Thac can buy his lady friend a present, while Michael and I were just messing around. We were going to buy some Marshmallows there for chubby bunny later but they were expensive so we decided to go back to HEB and buy some marshmallows LOL. So we did that, Thac: "They're going to be like wth them again??!"

For some reason the "do it yourself" registers don't like us. It took us another 10 minutes to get only a bag of pink and white jumbo marshmallows.

We swung by the Creamery, put our 10 million shopping bags down, ordered some frozen yogurt (the place ripped us off and it was actually just plain icecream   ) The cashier guy was so adorable, he had such pretty eyes. Sorry, I always notice eyes first, I think it's because when you talk you're supposed to look at peoples eyes. Anyways, after eating our icecream, we opened the bag of marshmallow and started playing chubby bunny. Michael was able to put 5 jumbo marshmallow in his mouth, Thac and I were only able to put 3 in our mouth. After acting like idiots, we cleaned up our mess, and went outside to the pretty tiny river. We left the creamery area and headed back to my place and chilled. An exhausting day but totally worth it. This weekend has ought to be my most successful weekend.

I'll blog about today/sunday adventure (by myself) tomorrow since it's getting late. Until then, see you guys later! (: 

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