You're like a puppy

It's been a while!  I hope you guys are doing well. I don't have much to say for the past few days except I finally was able to go boating with my family again! I miss taking our boat out, it's been a looong time since we took it out ever since the crash (old readers may know about this). My mom was iffy about it since then, she restricted my dad to only boat during daylight haha. Oh how I wish summer would arrive sooner. 1 more month to go!!

Wednesday was a very nice day. Infact, I spent about 2 hours today with him. Wasn't even planned! In class, he greeted me in his usual unusual way. He glomped me while I was sitting down today, hehe  his unexpected hugs are the best. We chatted and did our usual thing - where we mess with each other and make fun of each other like crazy, as well as bits and pieces of "normal" talk. Later after class and instead of me eating lunch, I went to the library to print out some stuff and work on my project. It was a hassle doing so many thing in such short time (don't procrastinate you guys......). After a while, unexpectedly he came into the library and when I looked over my shoulder because I heard one of my other friends say hi, he was walking towards me and then he sat right besides me. For a bit we chatted, it got quiet between us, and then he started falling asleep on the chair. He tried to slouch and then moving his body this and that to find a comfortable position. I laughed since he was failing so hard, he smiled back and then (again... UNEXPECTEDLY) he laid his head on my lap and started falling asleep. Been a while since I felt so close to someone I liked, to the point I could feel their body heat. I spent another hour with him after the library as well. Spending 2 hours with him became the highlight of my day.

Thac and I plan on hanging out tomorrow, I hope everything goes as plan and I need to buy more bleach for my hair and add pink since the pink is fading drastically. I also purchased a bunch of new things online, I'm hoping they'll come in soon but I doubt they'll come in anytime soon ;_; I recently redid my nails as well, I don't have any pictures of them yet but I will definitely post them up soon. I may have a new nail tutorial coming up too! I was playing with my nails and I ended up liking it but I wasn't able to do it to all my nails haha. I'm still trying to perfect it although I'm surprised it came out okay.  I've been enjoying my new scent in my room called Caribbean Escape from none other than Bath and Body works (in a cute little turtle container), and the delicious taste of nutella and fresh strawberries.

I hope you guys had a good week! I'm thinking about preparing a giveaway that will be hosted next month, I'm not 100% sure if it's going to be next month or anytime soon, but keep an eye out on my twitter or facebook page.  I really want to thank all my followers and the sudden influx of new followers! And of course, readers as well c: xoxo I'll see you guys again soon. 


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