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Hello everyone!  I went on a bubble tea date with one of my childhood friends yesterday    It was pretty fun, too bad we only hung out for a few hours. It's so odd now since he has a car and he drove to my lace to pick me up by himself. (I'm used to him being drove by his brother) I guess I'm just not used to him having his own car right now haha! Now with that freedom, we went to the bubble tea place.I tried a new drink at the bubble tea lace, passion black tea. It wasn't bad, it had a weird taste that makes you want more.  I didn't finish it though haha. We went to the mall after wards! Thank god for my knowledge of roads, I had to lead him to the mall. We walked in the mall for 2 or so hours, and were about to get matching T-shirts from hot topic but we couldn't find one for a good price! ):

We also went to ate (well, I ate) LOL. I ate a panini and it was soooo delicous   Thinking about it right now is making me hungry! Here are some instagram pictures:

So cute! It also has 2 pagesof stickers on it. :3

My panini (apparently my friend thinks it looks like cheese and ham. LOL I didn't get a good picture sorry haha)  and when him and I were in Claires. LMAO. Someone gorged out the poor fishies eye, and the other fishes too like the one behind it. The eye popping out was hilarious though 

After the mall, we decided to visit my mom at work. Haha well it wasn't planned but he said we should park somewhere after the mall and decide where we should go next and well he parked infront of my moms work place. I told him, "you do know this is my mom's work place, right?" he just smiled. THIS GUY had it all planned! Haha. We went in and said hi to my mom and the other workers.   After that he drove me back to my place and we were going to look for directions to another mall thats larger and better, but he had  to go home. Oh well next time!

Going to go out and eat with my dad and brother tomorrow for breakfast and maybe head to the mall and buy some clothes and stuff.   Until next time! 

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