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Yesterday, I went to the Deutschen Fest (or as my friend and I like to call it, D-fest)

The D-fest is held every year on the third week of May for 3 days, and it's typically held on weekends and Fridays. I don't think there was ever a time it was held on weekdays (but then again, I've only went to the d-fest 3 times). I came around 2:30 and my friends were already waiting for me, *bless their souls ;u;* and when I saw my best best best friend, Evy, me and her ran to each other and gave each other a hug. LOL Dramatic but who doesn't do that when they haven't seen their bestest friend (practically sisters) in so long?! Short summary of our friendship because I'm lame: Child hood friends, stuck with each other through thick and thin, our moms are best friends, we buy each other souvenirs and stuff or things that remind me of each other and gift it to each other and people have mistaken us as family which I don't blame them because at this point we basically are. We met up with other friends I knew from childhood too!

It's such an amazing feeling to see everyone you know from when you were younger and were so close to hang out again as if we never parted! I don't think I can ever, ever leave my home state, my heart is definitely where my friends are.

I get sidetracked so easily... but anyways this is the little minion I won at a basket ball game stand. We only get 3 chances, and I lost every chance but the lady was kind enough to give me another ball and I made that last ball in! OMG. All that pressure was on that last ball and I made it in.. I named my minion mini since I accidentally called it "mini" when I asked for it after I won a prize. I guess I was too excited to speak correctly! 

After a while, we met up with Michael, Brandon, Andy and Jodie and we went to The Fireball, which is a moderately large circular roller coaster that goes in circles backwards and forwards and upside down. You see, I'm not much of a roller coaster person so this was kind of terrifying. Well, when it went upside down and would stay there for a second that felt like eternity LOL.

Yep, Brandon brought his DSLR on the ride to film our reaction HAHA. I filmed it too and I said "OHMYGOD" Way too many times LMFAO. But I think Andy screaming for his life beside me was much worse. Maybe I'll post the video up in my next post, but I don't guarantee it. Unless Brandon has a better one, I'll post his up! Thomas kept waving my minion around, I was surprised it didn't fall off LOL. I mean there was no strap to it! Oh and Brandons DSLR had a strap to it (hand and body), which was why it was so perfectly secured. After a bit, we went to go eat some funnel cake.

It had cinnamon on it too omg I love cinnamon, it makes everything better. We went on a bunch of other rides. The Haunted house was such a bummer though, definitely not scary at all. The bumper cars was so fun, I hit all my friends LOL. I also bought some cake pops!

It was the ONLLLLLY thing I really wanted, because it was so cute!! I bought 5  I already ate them all since I was scared it might go bad tomorrow. So yummy, but cake pops are hard to make if you don't do exactly as instructed. Trust me, my friends and I have tried it before a while back and it didn't work haha. The cake ball kept falling off the stick or sliding down. It was fun decorating them though!

Anyways! I bought Evy a cake pop too! Oh and did I mention we bought almost matching hello kitty sun glasses? I have them on my twitter/instagram and will definitely post them up in my part 2. Part 2 will just consist of the knick knacks I bought. Oh she even bought me a forever 21 bow ring a few weeks back, and gave it to me today    it's so cute and I love it to death! 

I went to her house for like an hour when we all left the d-fest (at 11 PM) we ate chicken, chatted and watched some weird videos LOL. Finally came home around 12 and I slept at 1:30. I woke up at 9:30 surprisingly, I guess I slept really well at night because I felt well rested when I woke up! Usually I'd wake up at 10 or 11. Oh and some of the stuff I ordered online came in, which included a planner :D Glad I bought it, I'm going to need it like crazy.  

Well that's it for this post. I only have 8 more days until I'm off of school! I hope I have plans after the day schools ends though or I'd be one of those people that go, "now what..." haha. Time to make plans in my new planner.  See you guys next time!

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