Hello new layout!

It's been so long since I've changed my layout. Not much of a change except for the banner and whatnot, but I like it! Took me about 5+ hours working on the banner. I'll probably be editing a little more but who knows. It's 1:18 AM and I have school tomorrow! Haha.

  • Tested in Google Chrome and Fire Fox. Works well in both.
  • Fluid layout, should fit most screens.
  • I made the logos and banner myself, which is why it took so long!
  • Slightly wider posts, probably not all that noticeable though.
I think later when I wake up from a good 5 hour nap /sarcasm/ I'm going to go to starbucks, buy a bunch of food for the day and try my best to relax and conjure up some energy to take my tests and make up some stuff that I missed on the days I were out. Until then, sleep well/have a good day! (:
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