I think I'm in love

How long has it been? I've been meaning to post yesterday but didn't have the time, and it felt like eternity since I've post. Blogging fever? Probably! To catch up on the few days: Monday was a boring day for me. Tuesday however was a pretty good day! I wish my one of my friend would man up though... haha.

I recently got my new Hello Kitty wallet and I love love love my new wallet, in fact I think I'm in love with it! I've been eyeing it for months in the Hello Kitty store near where I live.  I really dig the inside

Sorry for the ugly, noticeable watermark... but yep this is the inside of it. IT'S SO HANDY. I'm seriously in love with it, no words can justify how much I love it.  I even put my keys and earphones in it (there's a zipup pocket in the wallet). Here are some selcas! I can't wink for craaaap. 

I also got a cardigan, and the cardigan is soo cute. Too bad its a size too big for me (body wise) . Arm length fits perfect though. I plan on buying the grey one too but in  smaller size!  The cupcake is soo adorable, it's also a pin/button so you can take it off whenever! 

I'll be posting up a review on my urban decay products soon (*cough* hopefully tomorrow )!

I've been staying up so late lately, definitely not good. My poor brain just refuses to go to sleep any earlier than 12.    Anyhow, I hope you guys have a good day! Thank you for all my new (and current) followers and readers although I tend to disappear a lot. 

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