Just a little update and notice

Hi guys! I hope you guys are doing fine. Today was a good day for me. my friends came over for a bit and I went out to eat with my family. The downside of today was:  I had some technical difficulties with my layout because I was trying to add some stuff (long story)
However doing that caused me to lose my entire coding for my previous layout, literally everything that took me 2 days to complete. My reaction when I found out?

I'm currently trying to re-code everything (yes, everything) because I actually really really liked the layout and I still have some main codes left in my files that I can work with (just the classes and div stuff sigh ). Until I finish my layout, I present you a layout from my 2010 years on blogspot. Some of you guys are probably familiar with it! It was the only layout I ever personally made myself that I was extremely satisfied with. So I kept it in my files haha. Thankfully. Oh but do excuse the top navigation, the images and it's functions are off because I'm exhausted from trying to recode my other layout and trying to add what I had on my previous layout to here.  Actually, it took me 2 hours or so to add the things I had on the sidebar of my previous layout to this one and do the whole comment system thing. Euuggh so much work.

So I wasn't able to change the images, which would have added tons and tons more of eye strain and headache to me, anyways. I mean doing 2 layouts at once is tough especially when you just flipped out about loosing what took you eternity to finish, and it's 2 AM and you're tired from a long day. q-q I mean I stayed up an extra 3 hours for this! I have to wake up early tomorrow ihskifhxkg.

Okay no more complaining. In the meantime until I get back my other layout, I'll be using this one. I re-edited some parts, hopefully it's still manageable. Well, It should be until the end of this week when I get my layout back! I'm hoping it'll still work fine.

Well, happy blogging! 

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