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Hi everyone! This is part 2 of my d-fest extravaganza (lol). Just pictures of the things I bought that day as well as some of the stuff I bought online and finally came in! Oh and being exempt from finals feels so good. This morning I went to starbucks with my mom and due to her broken - heavy - accented - english, I ordered her order wrong. I heard cappuccino, when she wanted a frappuccino. LOL. Later, she asked me how to correctly pronounce each one. She got the hang of it, until she got home now she's mixing them up again! Awh haha. Anyways:

First off: Hello Kitty Shades

Personally, I'm not a big fan of these sunglasses. THEY'RE CUTE but I don't think they "fit" me. You know what I mean? Like when you look at something really cute -- like an outfit -- and you decide to try it on but you don't think it looks good on you, maybe on someone else but definitely not you.  That's how I feel about these sunglasses. However, my best friend, Evy, and I bought these as a set of "twin" sunglasses, she has the black one and here I have the white one. Too bad it will most likely just sit in my room... I'd feel bad giving it away but I highly doubt I'll be wearing it again! Also, I prefer aviators over any style of sunglasses 

Cake pops!

These were the ones that safely made it home with me. I already ate them since I was scared it would go bad the next day. Pretty, darn delicious! I give a 5/5 stars to the person who made it! I hope they own a bakery or something, I'd love to go visit and buy more. A dollar a pop (hehehe) and they were cutely wrapped and decorated. 

My deco cabos!

I ordered these last week and they came in faster than expected as well some of y other supplies! I'm waiting for the other 10 items I bought online to ship in which will probably take a few more weeks. Nonetheless, I was so excited to see all these cute cabos in the palm of my hand and floor!

Here are some left overs from the ones I bought months ago:

Not a lot left. I can't wait to start decorating again and making my own stuff again.  Finally with summer around the corner, I'll have time for all the things I have planned!

Today, I bought in lunch from Starbucks, a good ol' bistro box packed with fruits and multi-grained bread.  I guess I was hungrier than usual since after an hour, I was hungry again. I swear by the time I reached home, I was about to faint due to exhaustion.  I'm either not eating right or not eating enough, tired from all the projects my teachers have packed on my shoulders (best thing about end of the school year: summer being like a few days away, but projects keeping you in check), I even have summer fever (excessive desire for school to just end, and when each day at home feels like summer) or lack of sleep which, I guess, falls under the same category as being packed with a bunch of things like a mule. I'm thankful for my new planner though, I'm able to keep better track and organize my life better! I don't think I took a picture of my new planner, but if not you can see wait for a few days or so, or you can look at it right now via instagram/twitter!

After this post, I'm probably going to watch one more re-run episode of The Office and head to bed. I took a nap earlier, and unfortunately, the nap just left me feeling lethargic rather than energized. Whomp. 
Until then, good night/good morning! Have lovely days ahead of you

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