No such thing as too much food

  First off, I apologize for suddenly changing my url without informing anyone! will no longer be in use! I had a little technical difficulties trying to make my url now to work but I got it now haha. Now that I've changed my URL, I'm hoping to do a giveaway, hopefully there won't be anything stopping me sending the items (I'm not really all familiar with the postal service and sending things out haha).
Now, it only adds on to my already busy to do list! I have to get my new layout done and make new banners and such. Not a priority, but I hope I can get it done soon. 

On Thursday, my family and I went out to eat at a sushi and grill buffet. The food was pretty appetizing, I ate a total of 4-5 dishes including icecream. Man it was pretty fun and I devoured a weeks worth of food LOL.

CRAWFISH *_* And sushi!  I honestly thought the sushi could have been better since a majority of it was filled with imitation crab. I was glad they had salmon though haha. The buffet totally brought me back to asia though, it's been so long since I've been able to dine on so many asian food in one day as well as see tons and tons of asians in one place.

My Mom at the most, then goes Antonio (in the stripped dress shirt) then my Dad! Sorry I had to blur their faces out haha. Rather not show their face to the world! It was raining really hard after like 30 minutes - an hour we were there, my friend messaged me it was hailing, LOL, NICE TRY. 
Last picture of the yummy deserts:

Going home was hilarious. Antonio had to run out in the pouring rain to get the car, my uncle ran out to get his car. After a few waits, everyone ran to the car. Everybody was basically soaking wet, Antonio was drenched from head to toe. LOL. I'm surprised he didn't get sick! I also stepped into a huge puddle and my flats were like cups holding in water  puahaha.

Today, I ordered about 200 dollars worth of stuff online and some stuff for my moms birthday. SIGH. I spent so much money it's ridiculous.. didn't I say I was going to keep hat under control too!? LOL. I'll blog more about this weekend later, but until then I'm coming down with a runny nose and stuff and it's 1:48 AM. Until then  goodnight/good morning!

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