Hello! I'm actually updating twice in a row on a weekday now! Haha, well now that I have some projects and tests out of the way, I can finally get back to blogging a little more. Although, I have finals soon! Talking about finals however, I am exempt from 2 of my finals, I'm so happy!  Much needed, I don't think my head can handle any more academic stress since the few weeks have been nothing but work, studying and trying to maintain good averages so I won't spend the rest of the school year in fear of failing haha. But now that I'm exempt, I feel so much lighter! Pretty proud of myself, and my parents were proud as well. 

Today was a relaxing day, I went to starbucks in the morning and made it to class in time... with only one minute to spare! I ate a cinnamon coffee swirl from their bakery and of course,  green tea frappuccino! Health Science Technology was full of work today though, we had about a 10 page packet, front and back, to do which was due at the end of class and class was only an hour and thirty minutes. The packets were nothing but text book. It was easy but incredibly time consuming and boring. Teachers need to understand that we can't learn if we're bored! I came home with starbucks turkey sandwich, which is my current favorite thing to eat right now. There was 2 sliced sandwich but I ate the other one before I took a picture hahaha

Have I mentioned how much my diet has changed on my blog yet? I know I mentioned it somewhere, it was probably my twitter but oh well. I noticed my diet has changed DRASTICALLY. I don't even remember the last time I ate super greasy foods like fried chicken or pizza. Lately, I've been indulging myself in leafy vegetables, stocking on more fruits ( I bought 2 small boxes of strawberries the other day and made strawberry dipped nutella with my little brother!) as well as drinking more water and healthier drinks. I was never a soda fan anyways. I remember it started out with drinking tea, then I suppose, it gradually moved on to solid foods. I'm okay with it, but I've been feeling more light headed than normal. I guess I changed my diet too suddenly and out of no where? Maybe my stomach is used to eating greasy fatty foods haha.

I'm quite content with my diet now, but I wish I had time to buy the supplies and ingredients I need to cook a nice meal for my family at home. Maybe one day, but as far as I'm concerned, not any time soon!

I hope tomorrow goes out as planned as well! I swear my guy friends can't plan any event for crap LOL. I give them effort for trying though hahaha. We plan on going to a festival back in my hometown, with my main homies: Michael and Thac and hopefully I get to see My best friend Evy and Anthony, whom I haven't seen in like 6 months!! I also plan on seeing Brandon, Louis and maybe some more people  I promise to take lots of pictures with my camera and not with instagram this time LOL.

Until then, have a lovely week ahead of you, guys!  

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