Sick weekends are the worst

As you guys may have heard from my twitter, I've been feeling ill lately and this weekend, I stayed home from work. I went to wal mart on Saturday to buy some cake and some food for my moms birthday party, since my parents were at work they depended on me to go buy the supplies! The party was small but fun, I think it's kind of funny (and somewhat irritating) how my parents think I'm still 11. That was like 6 years ago LOL. They were saying how proud they were of me and how grown up I am going out to buy food for the party by myself. Omg. I guess it's because I'm the only daughter, but LOL I'm not 11 anymore!

This morning, I woke up at 10 AM but laid in bed until 11:30 AM. At wal mart, I bought some yogurt and decided to eat a box with some fresh strawberries :3 My tummy was happy. 

It was around noon time when I started to make a pearl bracelet out of boredom and have a "The Office" marathon in my room. I love The Office, one of my favorite show aide The 70's Show. I miss Michael Scott though ):

I can't wait to make more bracelets these few coming weeks :3 

And here is my moms cake that I picked out in a rush:
LOL I can't believe I forgot to add her name or at least "Mom" in it. Ahh, well Happy Mothers day and happy birthday, Mom! I hope you guys had a nice Mothers Day too :3

I also bought some online stuff on saturday... the total cost about $200 USD, but hey I think it was worth it! It took me over a week to actually be sure I need it and to do the utmost research over the items haha. I can't wait to get them, and the last thing I ordered in my last order-batch should come in this week! Until it arrives, I won't reveal what it is yet :3 
I can finally strike some stuff off my list now!: 

 Phone Charm
 New Deco Supplies

Tomorrow, I'll hopefully be going to the doctors  bwah. I also repainted my nails! I really like lavender nail polish, It's my most used nail polish color in my nail polish collection *_* I'm watching Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows right now and daaang, epic as ever. Robert Downey JR<3 Only 2 more weeks until summer vacation for me. Well, have a nice day you guys!  

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