Smells like home

Yesterday, I went to Starbucks with my mom as a little coffee date. It was calm and cute! I bought a Raspberry swirl -- which was pretty good.  It's so cute and delectable. I also ordered the usual: Green Tea Frappe. I plan on ordering the vanilla bean creme or chai frappe next time. I saw it in a picture and they sound worthy of trying! I'd also live in starbucks if I could. That place smells and feels like home and everyone is so friendly.
But on to today:
School was somewhat good to me today, I now have 3 classes I don't have to worry about at all! Mainly because I ether took the final or because I was exempted! I'm currently exempted from my literature, chemistry and math final exams. Which is such a good feeling  I came home to a loud house with my baby brother at home with his friend playing with legos and dinosaur toys than my 14 year old brother making food or something. I made some milk tea and ate some yummy rice and soup. 

 My planner is packed for this week and the last week of May. Then FREEDOM!!  I have this obsession with Milk tea I swear! I also received some more packets in the mail from all the thins I ordered and I also got a special gift from cutesycouture I'll blog about it tomorrow c: The only thing I'm waiting for is my cream(s), one last cabo and my phone charm which will probably take a few more weeks. I also decided to open my creative side today. There's not much to do at home anymore except doing essays/school related stuff, blog, or watch movies/videos and keep up with the news. I deactivated my facebook and I'm rarely on tumblr! I tweet but mostly just on my phone now. So I'm pretty thankful for buying a bunch of craft supplies last year because it saves me from boredom! 

I need a bigger crafts box. I now have the craft box which I hand decorated (I don't know if my old readers that are here still remember that) and another open box with pain brushes, cabos, hair clips and stuff, origami paper, a hellokitty my best friend gifted me, hand made polymer miniatures (that doesn't look impressive at all haha) and some other knick knacks. I managed to clean my room as well, yayayay.  

Until my next post, see you guys! 

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