summer is around the corner!

Hello lovelies!  This week so far has been rather sluggish. Maybe because I'm approaching a good 2 and a half month of freedom in less than 24 hours?! It's so exciting!  This school year has been one of the most redundant and tedious school year I have ever faced. I guess that's what happens when you're dowsed with work almost everyday and not have any classes with your best friends! Time just seems to drag out.  But now, I want to just congratulate myself and my friends for making it all the way through such a crazy school year. I'm hoping to make some plans with my friends asap so I have something to do on the first week of summer break and I get to see lovely faces of people I love so much 

I had Monday off because of Memorial Day, and I went shopping that day too! Got some good finds, 2 new shorts a top and some bath and body work products.  Yay for good sales!

Found out my friend applied to work at Baskin Robbins, where I wanted to work at, and I hope he gets the job. If not, he applied for Target as well hahaha. I really wanna work at either an:

 Ice cream shop
 Froyo place
 Favorite clothing store 

 Hopefully I can make some extra money during the summer. Lots of stuff have been happening outside of school and just my social life too. I really wish I could go back and change somethings sometimes, like tell my young self to be careful of this and that. Really wish I could. I guess I can only look forward to the future now though. I've been watching a bunch of House MD lately too, already finished like 6 seasons, I'm only left with 2 more seasons *cries*  Despite my entertainment crisis, I finally fixed my layout! Definitely not the one I lost my coding to, but there's some similarities! Haha, I'm surprised I actually got the banner and navigation back. It was the hardest part of the layout but I got it back yay  If theres any weirdness going on with the layout, send me a screen shot  Until next time, have a wonderful week ahead!

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