Waiting is nothing but a pain

So the last thing I ordered from my last batch FINALLY came in! It took way too long, but I guess it was worth it haha. This whole week has been super busy for me but I finally got all the tests I needed to take, in, minus the finals but that'sin the next 2 weeks. I still have projects to do unfortunately. Knowing that summer is just around the corner is great! But having tests, major projects and finals isn't ): I deactivated my facebook a few days ago too, one to keep my mind focused on school a little more... just for the next few weeks and second, for personal reasons. Well, here is the stuff I ordered c:

 My new bento box chilling with korilakkuma! I actually used it today too, but not with sushi or anything fancy. I just put left over food from the morning in it and ate it for lunch. Saves a little money hahaha! The box was smaller than I expected, but at least it looked like what it did online!

This is the whole pack that came in, pretty nifty. I need to find time in the morning to make sushi! I keep sleeping late and it's really weighing down on me, I don't understand what's so hard about sleeping early    I adore the silicon heart shaped cups, I can't wait to put home made food in it. 

The little logo and quote is so cute haha at least I think so 
This weekend, I plan on going to a festival in my hometown with my friends. We always go every year since it's an annual festival. I also plan on dying my hair to light brown this weekend, but ahh not sure, it's going to cost a lot but then again I can't bleach my entire hair myself! I could ask a friend but it'll probably take multiple bleaching times and my mom would rather not see me go out for a second with my whole hair light blonde hahaha.  But nonetheless, I need to make a note of taking more pictures when I go out with my camera and not just my phone 
Also if theres anything weird with my layout (like if theres a huge awkward white space on the right), please tell me! c: Until next time, I hope you guys have a nice week!

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