What I usually have with me

Hello!  This week has been one roller coaster. I forgot so many papers, I forgot to do so many things but in the end I managed to get all the things I needed done. Although unfortunately I forgot to turn in my french packets. *sigh* Nonetheless, finals are next week so I'm going to study my butt off the entire Monday night! I'm not sure what my weekend plans are but I know there's going to be tons of studying and complaining LOL. I also have no school monday, thankfully. Then after finals, it means summer awaits for me and my friends!  Anyways, I received a question on my tumblr of someone asking me what do I usually have in my bag? Well, I have a lot of things. It varies but I suppose these are the main items I carry around:

I also only own 3 bags, but the other bag is more for beach so let's not count that one. I have 2 bags I usually wear when I go out haha.    A brown one and black one and these are the items I would typically switch around between each bag. :D

Oh and here is my new phone charm! It makes my phone feel so complete.  I'm kind of disappointed in how art of the clamp kind of broke off (you can't see it since it's hiding behind the ears of the case) although it's still attached to the charm. What a bummer  But I'm satisfied with everything else! Especially the puff ball and rilakkuma, sososo fluffy and soft  It's fun to hold. I'm trying my best to not get it dirty which it probably will as time progress 

That's it for now! I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of the week 


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