Crazy monday

Hello!!  I really had nothing planned for Monday until my friend decided to hang out. I really like last minute things as long as they're do-able at last minute. We went out to the movie with 2 other friends, Long and Thac! Michael paid for my ticket and the other two paid for theirs separately. My best friend, Evy, couldn't come but we did visit her house after wards!  Thac, Michael, Long and I watched Brave and we honestly had no idea what it was about before we watched it. It was really good though, I recommend it to everyone! I don't want to spoil it for any body who hasn't watched it yet -- but there was a scene *if you've already watched it you may know what I mean* where I cried like crazy! Maybe not sobbing and making a huge fuss but the scene touched my heart and tear drops were falling down! Hahahah. Such a funny movie too. 

 After the movies we took some pictures ^ Thac wasn't in like 3/4ths of the picture  we went to Which Wich the sandwich shop once we were done acting like losers in the photobooth. The guys didn't want anything so I ordered a vanilla shake, which was delicious and made with real icecream. The cashier was really attractive too (talking about attractive-ness, when Thac and I were at HEB we saw Chris Evan's twin! LOL LITERALLY I swear it was him because he was tall probably 6 ft, muscular yet lean and looked exactly like him. Google Chris Evans and you'll see what I saw at HEB but with glasses ) anyways, back to the attractive cashier, his voice was attractive too! His smile don't even get me started hahaha. 

Once I finished ordering, we stayed there for a bit. After chatting a little and discussing what we're going to do next we left to thacs car and I told my friends I thought he was attractive. Such a long story so to put it to short: My childhood friends decided to be my "wingmans" all because I told them the cashier was attractive and I was 1 against 3 . And so, they turned the car around back to the sandwich shop and while I was standing outside wanting to run and hide because I was so embarrassed , they got his name for me and while they did, he apparently (so my friends say) had a smile on his face when he saw it was me *probably from laughter or disbelief*  and told them his name was Andrew. KYAA  I don't think I can ever face that sandwich shop again. 

We finally left and headed to Michaels house and afterwards to Evys! Evy gave me a cute plush  We stayed at Evys house for a while and then left to go to a small going-away party for Long since he was leaving. (we jumped Houses a lot on Monday....) I'm going to miss that guy! 

Monday was actually a pretty long day, I came home at around 9 PM -- exhausted. In a bit I'll be watching "This is War" with my family. Hooray for Chris Pine!! 

I felt like I haven't posted a personal post like this in a while, even though this was a sort of rushed post, oh and only less than a month until the  giveaway ends! Thanks for reading and have a lovely day you guys!! 


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