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Hello my loves!  How are you guys today? I have some good news for you guys, hopefully most of you will participate in it!  I'm about to host a giveaway for my lovely readers sometime this week (as a huge thank you), I will soon have a poll up for you guys to pick the last item that you would like to have in the giveaway (and maybe even for yourself!) There will be 2 winners , so there will be 2 sets (a cute/kawaii set and a makeup/beauty set). I'll have 1 poll open, however, and the poll will be for the cute set. I'll be buying a moderately small plushie with my own money! It will be on the side of my blog and it should be under twitter. More info about the giveaway later this week or next week. Nonetheless, it will be soon! Until then, happy voting! 

Yesterday I went out with Thac, Michael and Andy to go eat pho. Only Michael and I ate pho, the other two either didn't eat or ate eggrolls  way to make us loo like fatties haha. It was fun! We talked about such weird thins and pressured Thac into taking us to the mall lmao. Andy had a date later that day though so he had to leave early ohohoho. So that leaves us with Thac, Michael and me! After Andy trolling Thac and causing Thac to drive in a circle LOL, the  of us left to go to The Domain. A huge fancy outdoor mall. We roamed around a bit, went into Express, Zumies, Vans and all those stuff. We stopped by and bought some froyo at yogurt planet or something like that lol

TARO AND ORIGINAL TART! My favorites. After walking around the domain, taking pictures and getting lost we finally made it to F21. I bought a new cardigan and some socks! After shopping we went to the tea lounge and bought some boba/bubble tea (as pictured in my instagram collage) I bought peach green tea!

I also bought a cute blouse. I really like their socks because their socks are actually pretty decent quality, I have the ones I bought at F21 like a year ago and they're still in great condition. Even though I wear them often and wash them often, and they're also cutely printed! I'll be giving away the sheer polka dot socks, which is shown in the picture. It will be under the "cute set"! I know you can't really see it well but here is what it's supposed to look like, here. It's probably not that high up on your leg, since it kind of depends on your height. It's slightly ruffly at the top too  super cuttee. Yup, I'll be giving that away in my giveaway. Stay tuned!

Today, I'll be hanging with Michael (the one doing the handstand on the turtle haha) not sure what there is to do today but it's okay we can improvise. I feel like this post seems rushed aahh well anyways, until my next post (which will hopefully be the nail tutorial I was talking about in my previous entry). And don't forget to vote! Have a lovely day you guys  

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