Happy birthday, lovely!

Hi guuys!  Sorry I've been absent on blogspot for a while and not being able to post about the giveaway and check on the poll and stuff. It was because my home internet was cut!  It only lasted for 2 days, and thankfully I had internet in my phone since it was part of my data plan. However, that didn't grant me access to blog haha. Well here I am now! A tons of stuff has happened the few days I was gone. Which will be in 2 post to make up for the day and I will post about the giveaway on Friday! Maybe on thursday but we'll see. And it seems like the winner of the giveaway plush is  hello kitty!!  Yay! Can't wait to show you guys the items 
On Saturday, I helped make some deserts for my friends birthday party! Be aware, this post will be filled with pictures of food.  Enjoy!!

Yum!! Can you guess who did which one? She did most of the oreo/brown and white one, I did the others! And incase you're wondering: they're not icecream, they're more of like cake. Cake stuffed into mini icecream cones and decorated with icing and cute sprinkles.

 I will most likely have a recipe for this desert above^ stay tuned!   I also love shrimp cocktails, out of everything they were my favorite LOL.

 Heart shaped grilled sandwiches<3 I made heart shaped sandwiches when I went to the lake yesterday as well but there will be another post for that.
I had tons of fun, haha I love being reunited with my close friends. Played tons of games, went outside, watched movies, and the girls in the group (including myself) fangirled like crazy over anime and manga characters, we even discussed our favorite mangas and such.  Ahh I love them!  The cake was delicious too, yay for icecream cake!

Today and yesterday I've been making crafts, sketching and watching re-runs of The Office on my laptop. I made some earrings and rings! I also finally decoed my phone cases with the supplies I bought and received like last month. Took me a lot of practice to pipe the cream right and I had to go to Hobby Lobby to buy a different and larger nozzle. I have to say I'm really happy with what I've been crafting the past few days :3 In all honesty, I'm happy that I'm not glued to my laptop anymore. Surely, I need it but it's probably not the first or second thing I'd grab if my house burned down lol know what I mean? Anyways, I even made a few bows  and I'll have a tutorial up for that  Not sure when but hopefully someday after the recipe of the desert I mentioned earlier.

Until next time, I hope you guys have a wonderful day! 

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