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Just a quick update on some of the stuff I've been doing, I felt like this needed a separate post!  My  deco cream  came in last week and I was pretty satisfied with it. It wasn't what I expected but I guess it's because it's my first time handling it. I haven't built enough confidence to take the cream to the 2 deco iPhone cases I purchased, so I'm trying to out on small accessories :3

I also named my Rilakkuma phone charm Minh jr, after my friend, Minh LOL. I named my iPad as well but I figured it would be embarrassing sharing it.... since my phone is already named mimi! Oh and it feels so weird getting on the iPhone now because everything is all compact and tiny whereas the iPad is all spaced out and huge! Anyways! Here are some of the accessories I put together with the cream:

It's nothing special, just cabos stuck on rings and hair clip with the cream. I've already worn the rings and I have it pictured in one of my previous post I think. I really plan on experimenting more with the cream and make it swirl and then learn how to correctly pipe it. I tried it on a separate piece of paper and gosh I suck! LOL. Whipple is much easier... maybe because the opening of the nozzle is wider and it's more thick?  I need to buy a larger nozzle for the cream anyways haha. I'm waiting for one last of my deco supply to come in, hopefully soon. Gosssshh I hate online shopping because shipping is expensive and takes forever. But you get so many varieties ;_;
By the way, I made a GifBoom! Follow me if you have one   @Tsukari 
I'll also be updating tomorrow or the coming days with a nail tutorial! Until then, I'm of to read manga, have a lovely day you guys!  


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