hello june!

Please be good to me and be filled with tons of happy memories! Today is the first day of summer break for me and I'm stuck at home cleaning my room and watching my little brother. I'm kind of okay with it but I hope it won't be like this often. I'm determine to spend most of my summer with my family and friends and going out to beautiful places I've never been to! Thankfully, on monday, my friend invited me to go out to eat Pho with him and a few of his friends!  I'll be seeing a few new faces o: And my deco stickers also came in yesterday! Took a while but it was worth it.

SO CUTE I was so satisfied with what I got.  Although it was 6 for $7 USD. When I received the package and opened it, the back of the whole sticker pack said 2,500 won. Isn't that like 2 dollars?!  LOL. Basically 2 dollars for 6. I figured I would get ripped off, but it was the cheapest one I could find online...  Oh well. *sigh* I should just move to Korea  I don't even want to use the stickers because they're so precious ;u; so I only used the ones that repeat haha.

Good bye maaaaaay! I also like how they come out clear.
I also got a 32 GB iPad yesterday and I love it sooooo much  It's super fun reading manga on it  I'm honestly on my iPad more than I am on my laptop. I wish they made iPad cases like they do with iPhone cases, that would be nice.

That's all for this post. I plan on going shopping this weekend and buy some new makeup and probably some clothes and get my sushi fix. Until next time! 


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