Lake day

On Sunday I went to the lake with Thac and his family. I woke up at 8 and he came at 10. Geeeeze, I was unaware of the time! We went swimming for over 7 hours. I could have honestly swear we only went swimming till 1 or 2 pm hahah! I went kayaking for the first time as well, now my arms are super sore not only that I'm super tan now!  AHH I have to start detanning, even though I'm swimming again on Thursday LOL.  

I have some more pictures on my instagram @ikarikon! At 8:45 PM, Thac, Tien and I went to go watch Prometheus in 3D. Gosssssh that movie was crazy. It was 3 hours long! Michael Fassbender<3 I don't really think 3D made much of a difference though. ;_;

I also want to announce that I will post the giveaway today! Probably a few hours after this post once I double check everything and stuff. Ahh I'm so excited. Let's hope all goes well and there won't be any cheaters/people who don't follow the rules  


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