little update!

Hi guys! So a few days ago I went to the asian supermarket and bought some snacks. Saw a really cute hello kitty pocky so cuuuuuuute. If only the pocky was printed with tiny little hello kitty on it haha.  I really wish I bought more but I wasn't really craving anything in particular like I usually do! Probably should have bought some new food to try out. Anyways, here are some pictures of the snacks:

And my phone again. My friends make fun of me for taking so many pictures of food LOL. Sorrrrrrry not. Haha.
Today, I went on a shopping haul buying lots of random things and a new top. I bought a ton of Hello Kitty stuff since the Sanrio Store stocked up with interesting things ! I bought some press on nails from the HK store and I can't wait to try them on and show you guys. I bought 2, both $8.00 USD each with 24 nails in each container. What a steal! I put one on my pinky earlier and I should have bought more they're so cute and they stick on really well. I'll go more in dept about it tomorrow. I also bought a little gift for my best friend and a new stamp for my little stamp collection 

After my little shopping for HK, some clothes and sushi, I went to bath and body works. I bought some hand soap and new shower gels: each for $3 USD. I was so happy!  It's pretty rare finding good stuff for a really good price here  Although Bath and body works holds lots of sales but I actually made it in time to get good items! It was incredibly crowded in the store, I had to maneuver my way around like a snake. 

The only downside of todays mall crawl was that the guy who took my coffee order got it wrong but it was still good. I regret not buying an outfit I tried on (it's in my instagram photos!) and a chococat agenda and iPad cover that were both half off. I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT THEM GYAA  But then gain, the reason I didn't buy the iPad cover in the first place was because it looked like it was used and returned (the box was open and after thorough examination of the cover it had marks on it!) So I don't much regret that but I should have asked to see if they had any more. Maybe another time. I also love the person who was manning the HK store today! They were really kind and told me that Hello Kitty will be here on Saturday for a few hours. I really want to go but I can't ;_; My friends and I are planning to go to Main Event on Saturday and at the same time Hello Kitty will be at the Mall. Oh well, maybe another time.  

Well that's all for my day today. Before I end the post, I want to inform you guys that I have a F.A.Q now! Just hover over about and FAQ should be at the bottom. See you guys next time! Have a lovely day 


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