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  Happy Fathers Day! I haven't really been doing much the past few days either, except lounge around in my tiny compact room and watch dramas with Yamapi in it, eat ice cream, do the occasional cleaning around the house and read manga from dust till dawn. I'm currently jumping form manga to manga because I can't get enough and the ones I'm currently reading aren't updated yet. Except for one, which is Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, it's different from what I usually read (shoujo  heheh). Despite the difference of manga genre, STY is what I would watch when it comes to horror movies. STY is about ghosts and tragedy + mystery and a hot main character LOL. The main character reminds me of L but L forever remains in a special place in my heart. I wonder if I ever told you guys about how obsessed I was with L back when I was younger, I still even have some of his posters, buttons and a few drawings my friend made of him for me in my room. Ahh well here are some photos of this morning! 

Today was a calm, relaxing day. I have a new tumblr theme that I now love so much. It's so organized and clean    then when I look at my blogspot, it looks so cluttered LOL I'm too lazy to make a new blogspot layout though sigh. I've been meaning to organize my blogspot a little, though. Anyways, I want to introduce my recently new affiliates to you guys 

I'm still taking a few more affiliates   click affiliates in the sidebar for more informatiooon.

I hope you guys joined my giveaway! I really hope I get more entries in and I can't wait to see who the winner is and then send out the prizes. I even plan on doing something extra with the package GAH I'm so excited... even though it's a 40 day gap. Nonetheless, I'm ecstatic and I've been checking the rafflecopter daily haha.  

In an hour or less, I'm going to go out to eat Pho with my family today and probably go to the asian supermarket and buy some snacks. I have no current plans for this week except maybe go to the mall and buy some makeup or go to sephora. Until next time! 

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