Announcing the lucky winners!

The giveaway is finally over, I didn't expect to exceed over 1000 entries! Thank you everyone for joining! It's time to announce the lucky 2 winners so:
Congratulations/Omedetou to.......

Yay Kristina and EllabellaI have contacted both winners on tumblr and their email, if they don't respond within 24 hours another 2 winner will take their place/ if one doesn't respond within 24 hours another winner will take their place. Also, click on the picture to go back to the giveaway post.

It was kind of a bummer going through entries and seeing some of them were invalid, some were disqualified for faulty entries which ruined their chances of winning  ;_;

However, thank you again everyone so much for joining! ;u; I wish I could give everyone prizes but that would cost me my home and soul haha. It's okay if you didn't win this one, I plan on hosting another one in a few months  (Either for my brothers birthday or Christmas), then one on my birthday (January 8th) and another one for my blog birthday! But who knows, maybe there will be mini giveaways in between those major/scheduled giveaways! 

 What kind of giveaways do you prefer more/is easier for you? Tumblr reblogging (reblogging as much as you like and each reblog counts as 1 point) or the raffle copter (that I used in my first giveaway)?
Please tell me what you think below, so I can consider it to a few or all my giveaways! 

If you're looking for another chance to win a giveaway, you guys should check out one of my friends giveaway! there will be 3 lucky winners :3 Perfect if you're into pretty, vintage items too. Just read her rules carefully and good luck! 

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