Hello brown hair!

Hi everyone! Yesterday I went to the salon and finally dyed my hair a more natural color, bye bye blonde streaks. It took 4 hours to do my hair because of my hair's old dye and bleached streaks. (I got my hair washed 3 times -- shampoo and conditioner) However, the people who worked on my hair got it done! ^_^ I got a lot of compliments on my hair throughout those hours though which astonished me because I thought my hair was crap (the main reason why I went to the salon in the first place) it made me happy though, I try really hard to keep my hair as healthy and nice as I possibly can so it was a good feeling knowing my hard work paid off.

The original color I was going to get was a more lighter brown, kind of a tan-ish brown. Then my mom told me to get a darker brown, and through much consideration, lol, I decided to go with a dark brown. Even then, through the whole 4 hour process, I ended up with having the original color I wanted LOL. Mom actually liked the color so she agreed to it yay c: I'm pretty happy I have no more blonde streaks and I finally have brown hair :D

I wish I took a better picture of my hair, sorry   ;_; but yup, the gist of my day yesterday. Now today, I hung out with one of my close friends today and my new clothes came in! Yay meaning more outfit posts! So happy   

Oh and my giveaway ends tomorrow at 12:00 AM Central US time! So join join join while you can! I can't wait to see who the winners are  My next post which will be after or before the giveaway winner post, will feature my favorite products of july  Until then, see you soon! Thanks for reading  


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