[OOTD] I'm ready for October

Who else is tired of the summer heat? I know I am LOL. Over where I live, it's been 99 degrees F and higher. I'm surprised I haven't melted yet. A majority of my clothes aren't summer appropriate either haha! Well here is my OOTD:

(Follow me on Instagram for first view of OOTD's and more! @alienkisses) I had no idea the shirt would be so big  (I ordered it online) it was only one size but my gosh it was huge. The other shirt I ordered could be a dress! 

Today I hung out with my boyfriend , we basically spent the day together watching Adventure time and when we got hungry we went to McDonalds! He had to leave early though, poo. I'm currently writing a little letter to the giveaway winners ^_^ and trying to find time when I can get to the postal office. I'm kind of sad that school is creeping closer. Oh well, maybe I can meet new people haha -im awkward- Well, that's it for this post.. have a lovely day!  


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