[OOTD] Old Skirt

Hi guys! So this post will be dedicated to an outfit today. However, here is a brief description of yesterday: I finally got my braces off! No more brace face haha. It took about 2 hours and it wasn't painful. I have to wear retainers and they're similar (in looks) to invisilign. I thought it was pretty cool haha. I can't stop running my tongue over my teeth either, feels so nice now without metal in my mouth! After my appointment my friends invited me to go out and eat. It was pretty fun!

Now, here is my ootd:

Actually, I didn't wear the stockings out because it would be way too hot. I can't wait till the winter/fall time.  Oh, and I bought the skirt  like 2 years ago, which is why the title is "Old Skirt" haha really lame but I didn't know what else to title this post. -sigh- Loosing title creativity haha. 
On another note: I was orginally typing this post on my laptop until my laptop decided to randomly shut down (if you follow me on twitter you probably knew about this) and now I'm typing this on my iPad. Thank god blogspot saves all unfinished posts! I have no idea when I'll get a new laptop or when my laptop will be fixed (I'm actually trying to get it fixed today but who knows. I hear once a laptop overnheats its better to just buy a new laptop). SIGH so pretty much all my, upcoming posts will be postponed, except for for my giveaway winners, I'll do that on my brothers laptop! Until then, follow memon twitter and/instagram and have a lovely day you guys  


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