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Hello! I've been really enjoying San Diego and have been buying tons and tons of stuff. I bought tons of clothes, specifically ones from F21 and H&M, then lots of cute stuff from an asian mall. I've been going out to eat in the mornings everyday and been playing with cute dogs! I'm so tempted to take them home with me!! This entire post will consist of instagram photos

I went out with my friends and cousin on Tuesday and went all over San Diego. Kind of haha. It was so fun! I hated the dressing room lines for F21 and H&M, they were so long and it was like a 15 minute wait. Despite that, the wait was worth it. I even bought my very first lush products which I will be talking about in another post. 

I went to the asian mall today, and here is my little haul from the asian mall:
Lots of keyboard stickers!! The korilakkuma plush was only 15 dollars USD and it's cuddle-able  What a steal! I even bought the tarepandas for 5 USD and the keyboard stickers and sticker for 3 USD each. I was going to buy korean posters but they didn't have any mblaq, teen top or B.A.P posters. *sad* oh well maybe another time.

I haven't posted an OOTD in a while so here is one:
The tights have little hearts on them!  My little brother said my outfit reminded him of a princess haha awh. I really like the outfit though, way different form what I usually wear. This is more girly and like he said -- princessy!  Dress and tights: F21 Cardigan: Dear Alice  I really plan on buying a ead band one day or an usamimi but usamimis are impossible to find. Especially ones that I really like since I'm a picky shopper! Haha. You can view more instagram pictures here

That's it for this post, I'm so sleepy babysitting this 3 year old  so I'm calling it a day.

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