Sorry for being so... absent!

Truthfully, I haven't been blogging much because I've been so lazy! After coming home from the trip, I felt so tired haha and not only that but I had to clean and organize the house and my room and I've been planning events with my friends so we can hang out. I've already hung out with one of them on Sunday. I was too lazy to do my usual instagram collage so I just screen shot it from instagrid haha.

My latest instagram photos of my life.  I'll be posting more outfits as well since the poll received tons of votes for outfits and beauty tips/reviews so I'll be doing more reviews too! If you haven't noticed, I added an "upcoming posts" section in my sidebar. Now you'll know what to expect next! They're not in order, but I tried to put them in order. I mean, it really depends so there's no guarantee that "so and so" will definitely come after "so and so". 

My outfit for Sunday:
Casual day for me. You can't really see the bow on my head at first glance though ):
You can get your cute bow at cutesycouture  (Use MOCHAKARI as the coupon code for 15% discount ).  
Cardigan: Dear Alice. Top: H&M

Oh and I want to introduce you guys to my new affiliates! VintageDolls and Wish For The Rain I'm still open for affiliates but I will only accept blogs now, please click FAQ in my navigation bar for more details :3

In other news: I'll be taking my braces off in 2 days!! I'm excited  and my friends and I have planned a picnic for Friday so I hope that goes well. I apologize for such a short, plain post ;_; Until my next post, I hope to see you guys around!  

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