(Trip P1) Grand Canyon + Skywalk

Hello everyone! If you stalk me on twitter (hehe) you probaby already know that for the past few days I've been traveling and have visited the Grand Canyon! This is only part 1 of the entire trip (I'm not even done with the trip yet!). If I were to wit and post everything in one post it would be a realllllly long post filled with tons and tons of pictures..   really don't want to cause any lags for anyone! And this is already an image heavy post haha. It took us about a day and a half to arrive to Arizona! Really tedious and tiring  and not to mention that walking around the Grand Canyon in the morning was super cold  but definitely worth it! The view was outstanding  

Pictures don't do any justiiiiice! After walking around The Grand Canyon, we finally went to the Skywalk. I don't really know much about The Skywalk since my dad introduced me to it like a day before we headed to Arizona. However, I do know that it's pretty new and you CANNOT take your own pictures while walking on "The Skywalk". You have to pay and each picture is $30 USD. We took quite a lot and bought a package which was $110 USD. The ticket going on The Skywalk was expensive as well  but oh well once in a life time! The package gave us a USB with our pictures in it and some pictures that they (the photographers or so) took themselves of the Skywalk! I'll upload a few on here just so you guys can see the beauty of The Skywalk. Until then here are some of my amateur photos:

It extends and the bottom floor is completely glass thus see through:

These are the 2 of many pictures that I was talking about earlier with the USB and photos taken by the photographers! You can view more bout the Skywalk here (youtube video) As you can see the floor is glass and see through, well maybe you can't see it well because of the reflection but hopefully, if you watch the video, you can tell. It's amazing, it was terrifying stepping on it at first but you get a hang of it! 

After the Skywalk we went on a little tour of attractions and went to 3 attractions: Eagle Point (which was the Skywalk), Guano Point (An area where they shot a film back in 1980's or '90s with one of the yellow car prop still there and it has like a resting area and food area) and lastly, the Ranch which consisted of fun gun shooting (the guy was so scary though lmao), arrow shooting, a cute cowboy  who manned the arrow station and horseback riding  !

My dad is such a child sometimes  while me and him were horseback riding on separate horses and in a little arena, he kept asking the guy watching the horses ridiculous questions like if he could run away with the horse or hop over the fence or ride a donkey (that was somewhat far away from the area) lmaoo my dad hates being restricted haha. He wanted to go out of the little fenced arena! I ind of did too but I was scared of the horse going crazy and I fall down  my horse stepped on a pile of dry poo too!  Haha despite that I loved the horse. 

^part of Guano Point. Unlike my parents, I didn't dare look over [any] ledges! And you see that tip? My parents climbed up there while my little brother and I stayed in the little rest/food area.  Haha! Grand Canyon is huge. I'm currently in a hotel in Las Vegas. You can see some sneak peaks of LV in my instragram photos. Tonight is my last day here at LV, and tomorrow I will be in California!

My late night snack that I took only like 30 minutes ago haha. *blog inception?* Thanks for reading!  See you next time! (I also answered some asks!)


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