(trip P2) Las Vegas

This is just a quick post, mainly consisting of photos! So after the Grand Canyon I went to Las Vegas and let me tell you that place is crazy and crowded. It never sleeps! Haha. Every time I walked out, there will always be a group of females dressed up ready to go clubbing. You can easily tell tourists apart from residents as well. Like my parents who were dressed up in Las Vegs Tshirts and caps LMAO. I took a ton of pictures of LV while walking with my family down the strips at night, but a lot of them turn out blurry and just not pleasing to look at it. Here are some 

 Tons and tons of street music, art and random super heros standing about. I thought bumble bee was taller... LOL. After that day, we went to Las Vegas townsqaure which is an outdoor mall. There are tons of out door malls here and in cali too, I'll talk about cali more later. 

I bought froyo and some hello kitty goods! Like a poster and 3 stationaries!  We left the next day in the morning, so yep we only stayed or 2 days.

Haha I thought it was pretty nifty how they have a roller coaster planted in like the middle of vegas! People actually went on too, I just shot it at a bad time.
That's all for this post, I'll be uploading another post soon featuring an outfit! 


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