The past few days

School has just started today and I am already piled up with homework. What I get for taking AP classes.... I'm also truly sorry for such a lack of personal posts lately, I'm trying to get all the reviews done first, since I'm constantly behind on some! I'm actually behind on 2 right now ;_; I'm also helping my friend manage some stuff, which that takes up a lot of time as well.  So my blog will be like a crazy roller coaster this week and so forth until I can get everything balanced again. But don't fret, I will definitely find some time to squeeze blogging in -- I don't think I can ever let go of the blogging community :3

Well as I said above school has started today and wow was it hectic. Luckily, I already knew my way around so it was no biggie. I'm trying to get two of my classes changed as one of them was screwed up and I need my credit -sigh- darn school staff, you're supposed to help us fulfill our credits not jeopardize it! GRR. Despite, that today was a good day! I made some new friends and reunited with old ones. c:

I also got some of my packages in, including my Liza Lisa Shorts and new iphone case, which I will soon post up onto my instagram hopefully tomorrow. The shorts though (pictured below) is so cute and ruffly *_* My new lenses came in as well, and I'm probably going to review them soon. I can't say I enjoy the lenses though, but they look pretty nice in pictures.

I'm currently tempted to eat strawberries... dipped in chocolate. It's almost 12, yay or nay? Haha!
Until then, see you guys~ follow my instagram for first hand pictures! Oh, and before I leave this post in your hands, I tried my first ramune today LOL, I have never tried it before and wow it's delicious. I drank a whole bottle within 3 minutes. Maybe I was thirsty but it was hands down yummy. See you guys next time. 

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