Update and Small Haul!

Hi guys! I finally got to the haul post that some of you have probably been anticipating. I actually had this post planned for yesterday but due to my internet cutting off again and the post wasn't saved I couldn't post it up. ;_; I was almost finished with the post too and I really liked how I typed the post up! Grr. But anyways, these are some of the accessories I bought during the past few weeks, not including the Gatsby! My friend, Michael gave that to me. It was unopened and unused when I got it :3 It smells really good too, kind of a fruity bubble gum smell I guess. It works wonders, I've always wanted to try Gatsby so I was really excited when he gave it to me!

I really adore the cat ears!  And my usamimi came in, I don't know if this one would consider as an usamimi or not since it's not fully wrapped around the head. I actually find these kind of headbands to be more convenient :3 Also, the bunny ears are wired so I can adjust them however I please *_* My bone hair clip also came in recently!! I actually forgot I purchased it since it took so long to come in (It was from Spain!) I love it so much but the only downside is that there is this really ugly mark on the bone, you probably can't see it (maybe if you look closely) since I brightened up the picture, but the bone has this dark dot on it and it's really noticeable in person. poop. And the little purple monster is actually a USB that I bought in wal mart while shopping for my little brothers school supplies. I'm currently waiting for my new shoes and accessory to come in.

This is what the cat ears look like:

I too this picture on the day I was out with my friends, Michael, Vy and Thac! If you follow me on twitter, you probably hear about them a lot hehe. That was a good day too, we all went to the park at around 2 PM (despite the weather being so humid LOL), played hide and seek like little children and headed to walmart.  After we finished messing around in the toy section of wal mart, we headed over to Vys house and chilled there for a bit. We talked about the most random things.  We went shopping afterwards at this one shopping center, I got moccasins from Lucky Brand! $25 USD, what a steal. We went into Target and took so many pictures. After that we went back to Vy's house and ate some fajitas. It was like she knew that I've been craving fajitas Everyone left around 11 PM! I'm going to miss days like that now that school is going to start again soon ;_;

Layout Update:
I recently changed a few things about my layout if you haven't already noticed! I moved the affiliates section to the navigation bar up top under "blog", as well as my blog buttons and banners. I'm still taking affiliates! Please read FAQ for more information on how to be affiliates c: 

As for my sidebar: I added a recent comment section since I thought it would be cool displaying a list of recent commenters. I noticed I have a large amount of silent visitors, don't be afraid to drop by and say hi c: I have changed some options in the commenting section under the blog posts as well. 

I also added a translating option to my blog since I've had a few requests for that! It's really interesting knowing I have readers from all over the world. I love each and everyone of my readers so much ; u ; Oh and I added a monthly archive since I've had some questions about my archives as well. I hope adding these new things to the layout makes my blog a little easier to read and a tad bit more organized.  Until next time! 

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