This Week Has Taken Me By a Storm + OOTD

 Yes.... another introduction starting with a small vent/'rant about school. SIGH. I always tell myself to NOT procrastinate but that never works out -- I'm sure many of you have gone through the same thing! Haha. I never thought this year would be so stressful already, I thought I could handle juggling blogging, working and school studies all together because of all the free time I've always had, but I was sooo wrong! I noticed I haven't been posting for over a week and I actually forgot I had a giveaway going on (which ended Friday). Blaaaaaah my head is literally dofupeia';sdpo;aqou239iwh;dka. But enough about this, let's talk about my day today which I really enjoyed! Oh but first off, my OOTD!

Turning a plain v-neck into a cute (and I guess) vintage-y (?) look. I bought this skirt like 2 years ago and I never found a reason to wear it until now. 

Today my friends and I decided to have a little break from school, aka Jail, and hang out at the frozen yogurt place after our classes  Our original plan was to go out and eat during lunch but we got caught up with stuff so it was cancelled. The frozen yogurt plan worked out swiftly and well! I didn't think to bring my camera to take pictures, which I apologize since all my personal posts now seem to only consist of instagram photos. I really want to start blogging personally again, I know my blog has been filled with like 99% beauty/reviewing related stuff but they're sponsored posts and I don't want to keep my sponsors waiting for like a week or more for their post ;_; I blame my assignments (*blaming school for all my troubles, hooray*) Haha just kidding about the blaming school part. Kind of.

Anyways, before I get way too off topic, we all went into Lisa's car and her car is the most comfiest place on Earth. When I sat down in her seat wow I swear I could have fallen asleep right then and there! The car was a 5 seat car and everyone claimed a seat. Julie, Paty, Amber, Lisa and I! It felt amazing stepping into a Yogurt Place again, since it's been sooo long since I've had frozen yogurt and I've been craving them for weeks. Paty, Julie and I raced towards the yogurt area LOL. 

Guess which ones mine!

If you guessed the one with the most froyo in it... then you guessed right! LOL.
I'm not ashamed of it, every inch of it was delicious. What was in it: First, I went for strawberry flavored froyo, then ON ACCIDENT, I wasn't paying attention to the picture or something, but I mistaken Vanilla for Original Tart. The picture looked the same and they were right beside each other how could I have not?! LOL. Then I went to get Original Tart, Taro and then topped my froyo with grahm cracker sprinkles, strawberry, kiwi and sprinkles. 

Grand total of this heavenly desert that I conjured up?


Actually, It was including Julie's froyo since I paid for hers too. After eating and chatting with the girlies, we decided to go back to Lisa's car and work on homework and other assignments at the froyo place. Hooray! Study session c: I was able to get some of my work done but I still have so much to do. I have 2 essays to type up and one short paragraph using specific sentence structures and variations to do. That's only for my one class, too ;__; It was a fun study session! Hopefully we can have more in the future c: 

That's that for my day.

I'll be announcing the giveaway winner tomorrow! I have already contacted them with their email, so let's hope they reply soon! It took me about an hour to finally get to someone who wasn't disobeying the rules and terms >_< but I hope everyone had some fun with the giveaway, I don't think I'll be hosting one anytime soon unless it's sponsored but who knows, we'll see. I wish I could have given everyone a lolipop or something, though. 
What do you guys like to have in a giveaway? 

Also, expect a circle lens review sponsored by! Check them out in my sidebar and use my discount code Kari10 for 10% off! Until then, have a good day everyone

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