Non Dairy Confectionery! (Giveaway Win Haul)

Ahh!! I'm so glad I finally have time to post about this cute shop ^_^ I actually won their giveaway, and got a bunch of amazing things! Their shop is called Non Dairy Confectionery, full of amazing deco things! I basically fell in love with everything that was given to me, the ice cream look so realistic too! I won things from a cinnamoroll bag to a 300 sticker set. Here are some of the items:

 THE PENS ARE MY FAVORITE! I am currently using the pink one for school and ahh I love it so much. It's flawless in every way. They're one of those "switchy" pens where you can switch to different colors. In this case, the colors are black and red :3 The ice cream earring and rings are adorable too, I haven't gotten around to wearing them yet but I will soon. I absolutely adore the bat ring and it's melty effect :3

I love the Sentimental Circus elephant Phone holder plushy! I actually didn't think it would be able to hold my phone but it held it quite well without leaning to one side, it's like my phone has it's own bed/chair haha. The cookie deco is a compact mirror and it's so yummy looking! I also won lollipop earrings and more! Everything is so cute, you can see the huge bundle on my instagram ^^

I'm also using Colors And Wishes curves! So pretty isn't it?! Check out her shop here: 

I plan on reviewing 2 new circle lenses (that are purchased by me), but I don't guarantee they'll be posted any time soon since I've been really busy lately!
I'm actually really annoyed at usps right now :c hopefully everything will be resolved and worked out tomorrow. School has treated me fairly well, FOR ONCE I have no homework or assignments to do this weekend. My friends and I plan on shopping together next week, so let's hope that works out. Lately I've been really antsy with plans because for the past few weeks I've had so many plans being blowed off or things just aren't working ;_; I really can't wait until next year, hopefully I get my car then and can start driving again!
Until then, expect a few new posts regarding lenses, a personal post and a Cutesy Couture post!


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