It's been so long

Hi guys :3 What have you guys been up to? I haven't really been updated with my blog, unfortunately. I've been obsessed with Prison Break and being busy with my shop, a new school semester coming up and much more. Prison Break is one of the best shows ever aside from The Walking Dead hands down. It took me a month to get from Season 1 to season 4! I've been putting my netflix to good use heh c; 

After many thoughts and consideration, I finally bought an alpaca plush and it's soooo cute ;u; I die at the sight of it! I named it Berry, I really wish I knew where to find those alpacasso with sweets attached to them though! Here are some latest snippets of my life from my instagram! :3

The snowman cookie tasted bad by the way LOL, I was really disappointed in it :c It was cute though, I couldn't resist not trying. Last week, my friends and I baked some red velvet cookies! It was delicious, we successfully made 68 cookies! We only had around roughly 50 in the picture. I also bought some onigiri supplies and some tiramisu flavor oreos. I think my knack for sweets died down a little, I haven't really been into sweets as much as I used to. I thought the oreos tasted too sweet so I ended up giving the whole pack to my brother! 

The weather has been on the fritz, it was around the 80's Degree F last week... in December! Then all a sudden it dropped to around near 50 Degrees F. I'm thankful for my grey scarf, not only is it super soft it's warm and big ^^ I also recently purchased a cat ear beanie! I had to iron out one of the ears though because it flopped weirdly haha!

I attempted to curl my hair that day. I've been meaning to clean my closet too for over 3 weeks... ._. procrastination at it's finest...

I've been working with some other crafts lately and more. I'm so excited to introduce some new items for my shop, Bow Kuma! It's unbelievable how only within barely 3 months, my shop has gained so many followers, and all of you guys are wonderful for that and thank you everyone for supporting me and my shop ; u ; I'm still trying to get everything sorted out as school is first before the shop (I hope you guys understand).

That's that for this post. I really wanted to update my blog and hope this will do. When Christmas Break comes around, I'll try to blog normally again! See you again soon~


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