Eyecandy x Mochakari GIVEAWAY!

Hello everyone! The giveaway is finally here!! I'm super excited to announce that the giveaway prizes will involve a pair of free circle lenses OF YOUR CHOICE, sponsored by/collaborated with EyeCandy!! Not only do you get a free pair of lenses entirely of your choice, you can also win cute extra prizes from me~ I have a lot of stuff and my mom thinks 80% of my things are just there to take up space, lmao, so let's get started :3

Hosts/Contributors: Mochakari | Eyecandy
Winners: 1 winner, must be one of my blogspot followers
Availability: Worldwide, we will handle shipping charges
Time frame: 1 and 1/2 month | Ends Feb. 19th 2013
How to enter: Using the Rafflecopter below

1x Pair of Circle Lenses from EyeCandylens.com of your choice
1x Small Hello Kitty Plush
1x Box Japan "Luminous False Lash"
2x Bows from my shop, Bowkuma.com
1x Deco Case for iPhone 4/4S
1x Hello Kitty Press On Nails
1x Pink Wig (Not pictured, click here for picture)
1x Top (Not pictured, click here for picture)
1x Ribbon Cherry Hairclip
3x Feathery Pens
And extra surprise bunches from me

Note: The HK plush and nails are new/unopened, and the lenses will be new and unopened and you can pick any Circle Lenses only from Eyecandy in any Power/Prescription of your choice. The top has only been worn once by me and the wig has been worn only once as well, and has not been taken outside of my room. The braids and everything are in good condition. The top is said to be "free size" when I purchased it, but it seems to only fit a small, slightly tight on medium. I've never worn it out, I've only just tried it on once. I didn't like how either item looked on me and my mom wanted me to get rid of some of my stuff that I don't use haha. The lashes are missing the first pair but the rest are untouched and they have been kept in the original casing since. There is nothing wrong with the lashes, I just personally didn't like them either. The deco case was previously owned by me, The bows are handmade by me and you will receive two as seen in the picture.

The rules are simple:
Please be mature about all of this and be fair~

The giveaway will be hosted on Rafflecopter. This time, you have a bunch of ways to win extra points ^_^ Everything else will be handled by Rafflecopter and by us. I will contact the winner by their email when the giveaway is over. If the winner doesn't respond within 48 hours, another winner will be chosen.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you guys have fun! If you didn't win this one, there will be another giveaway on my blog in the future.
I'll be back to school starting today in less than 7 hours, so posting will be slower, once again ;_; one of my new years goal is to be a better blogger and post often like I did before, hopefully it will happen! Until then, check out my upcoming post, I'll be updating it later this week when I'm confident that my items will arrive. Jyaa~


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